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Throughout the UK there is a duty placed upon employers, and in some cases building owners etc., to carry out a fire risk assessment in the premises for which they have responsibility. The focus of the fire risk assessment is the life safety of the occupants including the employees and other persons present e.g. customers, guests, contractors, persons in the vicinity etc.

In Scotland the relevant legislation is the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, in England and Wales the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Fire Risk Assessment Scotland (FRAS) provide a service , carrying out the fire risk assessment, acting as the “competent person”, on behalf of the dutyholder/responsible person :-

• Firstly, by undertaking a detailed examination of the premises, including the
   structure and fire safety facilities and management, and comparing this to published
   UK and Scottish Legislation, UK standards and guidance, British and
   European standards.

• Secondly, following the assessment, by furnishing the client with a written “Record
   of Fire Risk Assessment” in which the outcomes and significant findings arising from
   the assessment are recorded. This document provides evidence that, as required by
   law, a suitable and sufficient assessment has been carried out and either the
   premises are satisfactory or, where adverse findings are recorded, acts as the basis
   for an action plan to bring the premises into compliance.

FRAS consider it important to meet the client, discuss the fire risk assessment findings and assist in identifying cost effective remedial actions and control measures. We work in the full range of buildings types and occupancies in accordance with British Standard PAS 79:2007 “Fire Risk Assessment – Guidance and a Recommended Methodology”.

FRAS operate independently and do not share information gathered during the assessment with any other company or supplier, unless specifically requested to do so by our client.

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